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Sixth Form celebrates successes

Achievements and successes were celebrated as Year 13 marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

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The award winners.

The Leavers’ Celebration and Awards Ceremony at Toll Bar Sixth Form was a chance to reflect on two years’ study and wish students well in their A-level exams.

Head of Sixth Form Christine Hook congratulated everybody at the event, whether they had won an award or not.

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Students enjoying the presentation.

“This is an opportunity to recognise your efforts and achievements throughout your A-level studies and wish you all the very best in your forthcoming exams and beyond,” she said.

It had been a privilege to have watched their transformation into polite, articulate and intelligent individuals, Mrs Hook said.

The year group was impacted by the pandemic and became the first to sit GCSE examinations in the post-Covid world.

“Whilst much of your secondary educational experience has undoubtedly been interrupted by the pandemic, the determination to succeed that you have shown over the last two years has been admirable,” said Mrs Hook.

“This has never been more evident than this last week, where you have risen to the challenge of your final exams with the positivity and resilience that we have come to expect of you.

“I have no doubt that your experiences have made you stronger people who are better prepared for life beyond Sixth Form than any of your predecessors were at this stage.”

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Will Jones & Georgia Baxter – Chair and Vice Chair of the Student Council

The year group would be missed and she thanked them for their contribution to Sixth Form life.

In addition to studying, they had organised bake sales, spoke at events such as Remembrance Day, offered tours of the school, helped out at open evenings, and represented the Sixth Form as part of the football team.

A-levels marked the culmination of 14 years of education before the next chapter begins.

“This is what sixth form is all about – preparing you to go out into the world as aspirational, responsible and compassionate young people who cannot fail to make a positive difference wherever you go, and whatever you do.

“Whether you have been nominated for an award or not, Class of 2024, you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves.

“I have no doubt that you all have very bright futures ahead of you.”

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Students attending the leavers’ event at Toll Bar Sixth Form.

She thanked Principal Nigel Whittle, the Sixth Form Leadership Team, teaching staff, support staff and, most importantly, the students who made it a pleasure to come to work.

Mr Whittle wished Year 13 all the best in their exams.

“Thank you for your considerable contributions to Sixth Form life and to our wider Waltham Toll Bar community,” he said.

“We hope, as well as it being challenging, you have enjoyed your last two years with us. Please keep in touch and I look forward to hearing about the next exciting chapters in your lives.”

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Frankie Knight, formerly Head Boy at Humberston Academy, picks up his 'Best Newcomer' award from Head of Sixth Form Christine Hook.

Award winners:

Art and Design: Sonny Tuck

Biology: Grace Ibbotson

Business: Lewis Morgan

Chemistry: Isabella Rowson

Economics: Isaac Lonsdale

English Language: William Moody

English Literature: William Jones

Geography: Gracie Glasson

Government and Politics: William Jones

History: William Jones

IT: Keyvan Fenech

Law: Cian Hughes

Mathematics: Jacob Johnson

Media: Layla Lidgard

Music:  Isabella Rowson

PE: Lewis Morgan

Philosophy: Aimee Baughan

Physics: Jacob Johnson

Psychology: Scarlett Broadbent

Sociology: Jodie Aabed

Vanessa Robinson Award: Keira Tupman

Most improved student: Bairavi Printhavan

Best Newcomer: Frankie Knight

Endeavour: Darcie Bunyan

Greatest Contribution to Sixth Form: Georgia Baxter

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