Media Studies

What Will I Study?

This A Level Media Studies specification is based on the theoretical framework for analysing and creating media, which provides learners with the tools to develop a critical understanding and appreciation of the media. The framework consists of four inter-related areas:

  • media language: how the media through their forms, codes, conventions and techniques communicate meanings;
  • representation: how the media portray events, issues, individuals and social groups;
  • media industries: how the media industries' processes of production, distribution and circulation affect media forms and platforms;
  • audiences: how media forms target, reach and address audiences, how audiences interpret and respond to them, and how members of audiences become producers themselves.

How Will I Be Assessed?

Component 1: Meaning and Representations in the Media - a 2 hour exam worth 30% of the qualification. This component covers all of the following media forms: music videos; video games; advertising; film marketing; newspapers and radio news/current affairs programmes.

Component 2: Media Forms and Products in Depth - a 3 hour exam worth 40% of the qualification. This component assesses knowledge and understanding of media language, representation, media industries and audiences.

Component 3: Media Production Non-exam assessment worth 30% of the qualification. An individual media production comprising a single media product created in response to a choice of briefs set by WJEC, applying knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework and digital convergance.

What Will I Need?

The College will supply text books on loan and industry standard software including:

  • Microsoft Office Suite 2010;
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Master Collection;
  • Serif Multimedia and Drawing Packages;
  • Recording Equipment;
  • Graphics Tablets.

It would be beneficial to have access to the following at home:

  • Personal Computer;
  • Internet Access;
  • Microsoft or Open Office;
  • USB/Storage Device.

Students are encouraged to develop their knowledge further by studying additional books from a reading list.

What Can This Subject Lead To/Prepare Me For?

This specification provides a suitable foundation for the study of Media Studies or a related area on a range of Higher Education degree courses or for employment in a number of media-related industries.

Entry Requirements

At least a grade 6 in IT/Media/Computer Science and four other GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English.

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