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Course Overview

A Level Biology enables you to develop relevant practical skills alongside essential knowledge and understanding of a range of biological concepts and scientific methods. Topics explore key concepts in Biology including: Genetics, evolution and ecosystems; biodiversity, evolution and disease; Communication, homeostasis and energy and exchange and transport. Topic knowledge is assessed in the written examinations and in the practical endorsement, which will allow you to develop a good set of skills in the laboratory through experimental activities that support the teaching of each topic. Biological mathematics and problem-solving skills are fully integrated into teaching and learning.

Assessment & Examination

You will sit three examinations at the end of your two years of study:

Paper 1: Biological Processes: A 2 hour 15 minute written exam contributing 37% to your final A Level grade.

Paper 2: Biological Diversity: A 2 hour 15 minute written exam contributing 37% to your final A Level grade.

Paper 3: Unified Biology: A 1 hour 30 minute written exam contributing 26% to your final A Level grade.

Practical Endorsement in Biology

  • A set of practical experiments are covered during the course.
  • A pass/fail grade is achieved and is reported separately from the final A Level grade.


You will have access to resources in college, however you will require a scientific calculator as well as basic stationery.

Prior Knowledge

A Level Biology is aimed at students who really enjoy Biology and need it in their future career.

A good knowledge of Mathematics is required to effectively complete the course.

Beyond The Course

Many Biology students go on to university to study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Biochemistry or other Biology based courses.

Additionally, some of our students undertake a programme of work experience to support their studies, particularly their laboratory based skills. For example at the local hospital or GP practice.

Entry Requirements

GCSE Level 6 in Biology or Combined Science Level 6.

Entry to Sixth Form also requires:

  • GCSE Level 5 in English Language or English Literature;
  • GCSE Level 5 in Maths;
  • Four other GCSEs at Level 5, in addition to English and Maths.

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