Support For Students

Extensive support is given to our students to help them achieve on their A Level courses. When students apply, they are given the opportunity, during an informal discussion with a member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team, to talk about any support needs that there may be. If necessary, our Special Educational Needs Coordinator may be involved in facilitating practical assistance for students who require further support.

All students experience close, personal tuition from highly academic and well qualified staff. We also have a highly-specialised leadership and pastoral team. Every student is allocated a personal tutor who they meet within a tutorial class for one lesson a week.

Our Student Council, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, is available to help all students with problems and to liaise with the Sixth Form Leadership Team on day-to-day matters.

Students have easy access to a specialist career advisor, gaining guidance of any career pathway, Higher Education course, or apprenticeships and internships. Individual meetings with the career advisor are encouraged.

Effective links have been established with a number of renowned, prominent employers in the area and nationally who are invited into the College to discuss career opportunities with the students.

Wide-ranging support is given to all students who decide to apply for university or apprenticeships. Assistance with personal statements and letters of application is provided. Full support is given regarding which courses and universities to choose. Mock interviews are arranged for students. Representatives on behalf of the Student Finance team come into the College to talk to students and their parents about financing students through Higher Education.

Revision sessions are run in the build-up to external examinations across all Curriculum Areas. A programme of these classes is released and students book on to the sessions. The revision sessions are free of charge. Additionally, most Curriculum Areas will offer extra classes outside of the College day – to allow students the opportunity to use facilities or to consolidate skills across A Level provision.

Additional Activities/SMSC

All students participate in the Enrichment Programme – where they focus on a musical, sporting, voluntary or artistic experience. Students are encouraged to organise a self-generating option where they complete work experience related to the University/Apprenticeships they are interested in post-18. Some students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, the Sports Leadership opportunity (run by the RFU) and NCS as part of Enrichment.

Aside from Enrichment, voluntary work and work experience, students participate in numerous opportunities for self-improvement and involve themselves in the wider community.

The opportunities are varied and differ from year to year:

  • Many students apply for the Sutton Trust summer school;
  • Students register to take part in a first aid course;
  • Representatives from 'Give Blood' come in to discuss their service, encouraging those over 18 to give blood;
  • Participating in residential trips with sister academies in the primary sector;
  • Participating in trips organised by Curriculum Areas. For example, visiting Bronte's parsonage in Haworth; attending private screenings of relevant Literature works; visiting art galleries around the country; going to places of industrial/business interest – Jaguar Land Rover, Warner Bros, JCB, e-buyer and Amazon;
  • Participating in Geography field trips;
  • Competing in the BASE challenge and Target 2.0 run by the Bank of England;
  • Take part in Beachwatch, an annual marine conservation survey;
  • Participate in musical concerts and recitals;
  • Completing charity fund-raising for various charities – Teenage Cancer Trust, SCAT, MIND, Cancer Research and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research;
  • Road safety emphasised through use of the iCar.

Health & Well-Being

As part of the Tutorial Programme, various external speakers are invited in to discuss health-related issues. Workshops on sexual relationships and health, drugs, sexting, domestic abuse within relationships, examination stress and coping with examination anxiety take place throughout the College year.

All students are involved in weekly tutorial sessions and benefit from time with their tutors in order to discuss personal and academic problems.

Students have access to the College counselling service operated through Tollbar Academy if they need specialist assistance with personal difficulties.

Regular encouragement and some provision is put in place for students to participate in sport and exercise. This includes a sport programme as part of Enrichment - football, netball, rugby and access to the multi-gym on Wednesday afternoons. The 'Gabbitas-Foster Challenge' runs in July where students partake in sporting events in their tutor groups.

Preparation For Life In Modern Britain

Students have opportunities to partake in summer schools with various universities and through the Sutton Trust in order to prepare for University life. This has been particularly successful, with various applicants attending medic summer schools at establishments like the University of Nottingham and the Hull York Medical School. Students have been accepted into the UNIQ summer school at the University of Oxford, the summer school programme at the University of Cambridge, as well as summer schools at the University of Durham, Newcastle University, Imperial College, London and the University of Nottingham for a range of subjects.

Students attend the Humberside Convention at the University of Hull where they speak to representatives from all Universities about courses offered.

Master-classes are offered at local universities which many students have attended – at the University of Lincoln, the University of Hull and Bishop Grosseteste University.

Students address interview skills as part of the Tutorial Programme and are offered mock interviews for University/Apprenticeship places with an external advisor.

Apprenticeship opportunities are explored in the Tutorial Programme; additionally external speakers from various companies offering apprenticeships take place throughout the College year to raise student awareness of what is on offer and the expectations evident in the work place.

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