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Key Stage 5

What can students do to develop their skills in this subject area?

  • Get involved in supporting lower school students in Maths lessons or in Maths Club.
  • Complete extension material available on the Further Maths Support Programme.
  • Get involved in the FMSP/UKMT Senior Team Mathematics Challenge.
  • Go to all our extra resources on the VLE to develop mathematical abilities further.
  • Bring extra resources to the after college support programme and investigate with a member of the maths staff.

What websites could students visit to support the curriculum?


How can parents/carers help and what can be done at home?

  • Encourage your son or daughter to get involved in supporting lower school Maths lessons or the Sixth Form peer mentoring programme.
  • Discuss all the options of extra support with your son or daughter (Saturdays; holidays; after-Academy support programme) to ensure they access the right level of support.

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