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Course Overview

If you have a flair for languages you need look no further than this exciting course to enhance you skills and broaden your Spanish knowledge. Over the two years, you will study a variety of topics, including Hispanic music and cinema, regional identity within Spain, racism, and dictatorships in the Spanish-speaking world, whilst honing your four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will also read two literary texts, one a contemporary Spanish novel, learning to discuss and analyse these in essays. The speaking exam, as well as featuring the topics covered over the two years, also includes a presentation by you on a Hispanic topic of your choice. You will begin your research at the end of Year 12, aiming to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of your chosen subject.

Assessment & Examination

The Spanish course is assessed by three examinations at the end of the course:

Paper 1 - Listening, Reading and Writing - This examination is 2 hours 30 minutes in duration and comprises 50% of the A Level. It requires you to listen and respond to questions in the Target Language, read and respond to questions in the Target Language, and translations from and into the Target Language.

Paper 2 - Writing - This examination is 2 hours in duration and comprises 20% of the A Level. It requires you to answer two essay questions on two texts that you will have studied.

Paper 3 - Speaking - The Speaking component comprises 30% of the A Level. It involves discussion of one of the themes studied based on a stimulus card, lasting 5-6 minutes. It also involves a presentation lasting 2 minutes, and discussion, lasting 9-10 minutes, based on the individual research project.


You will be provided with a wide variety of target language materials and resources to enhance your learning outside of lessons, including textbooks and literary texts. We also encourage you to purchase a good Spanish-English dictionary and grammar books.

Prior Knowledge

You should have a keen interest in languages and an ability to learn vocabulary and grammar rules in class and independently.

Beyond The Course

Languages students can go on to study Languages at university - one or more, possibly alongside another subject. Universities often offer options to keep a language going as a minor subject alongside others, such a Business or Law.

Travelling or working abroad is also a possibility. The ability to speak another language is a skill greatly valued by employers in many industries, opening up opportunities locally and further afield.

Entry Requirements

GCSE Level 6 in Spanish.

Entry to Sixth Form also requires:

  • GCSE Level 5 in English Language or English Literature;
  • GCSE Level 5 in Maths;
  • Four other GCSEs at Level 5, in addition to English and Maths.

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