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New Student Ambassadors Bridge The Gap To University Roles

New Student Ambassadors at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College whose roles will be similar to those at university.

Bridging the gap to university life, Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College has appointed a large number of Student Ambassadors to work with Senior Leaders on a whole range of subjects.

There were so many students wishing to become Ambassadors that the college has created four sub-committees to channel their individual talents into different creative areas. These are: Societies and Enrichment; Well-Being and Student Voice; Charity and Events; and Academic and Peer Mentoring.

The College’s Senior Leadership Team interviewed all of the applicants and chose them based on their abilities and particular skill sets. A Senior Leader will now work closely with each sub-committee.

Simon Ritchie, Head of Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College. said staff wanted students to become more familiar with university terms, such as university ambassadors, and the role they have to play in college life.

“We wanted to bridge the gap between college and university even more by helping our students to get a feel for what students ambassadors do and how they play a vital role in university life, and equally how they can do the same here at Sixth Form.

“We were overwhelmed with applicants and we felt it would be wrong  not to utilise their various skills to full potential, so we created four sub-committees to ensure that we can do that and to make sure that everyone has input.”

Year 12 student Milly Kerry said: “I think having such a big selection of Student Ambassadors will mean we will achieve a lot of things this year, and really put an emphasis on the student-led year group. We will be able to have more dedicated time and resources to put towards the issues we find in our Sixth Form community.” 

Isabella Glasson said: “Becoming an Ambassador means that we have the ability to create even more of a community within the sixth form and really connect with the people here. I'm extremely looking forward to sharing different ideas and personal strengths within a team to benefit not only ourselves but everybody else, including both students and teachers.”

Josh Wilkins added: “This year’s Ambassador programme has offered a wide range of my peers a pro-active role in decision making, student well-being and organising events. It will be a great opportunity for all of us to enhance personal skills and endorse a student-led approach in our community.”

The Well-Being And Student Voice Committee members are, from left, Megan Hutson, 17, Keisha Oldroyd, 17, Kandi Austin, 16, Izzy Scott, 17, Milly Kerry, 17, Euan Lynch, 17, and Grace Coppock, 16.

The Societies and Enrichment Committee members are, from left, Abi Dalby, 17, Erryn Sidhu, 17, Charlie Ledgeway, 17, Becky Boyd, 17, Betsy Thomas, 17, Louis Hardy, 17, and Riley Gelder, front.

The Charity and Events Committee members are, from left, Ed Wells, 17, Liam Bryant, 17, Lucie Wingate, 17, Manisha Bains, 17, Faith Nicol, 16, Ella Douglas, 16, Zaineb Gharib, 17, Jack Deans, 17.

The Academic And Peer Mentoring Committee members are, from left, Josh Wilkins, 17, Evie Griffiths, 17, Lily-May Williams, 16, Ellie Milnes, 16, Emilia Clark, 17, Isabella Glasson, 17, Harriet Preston, 17.

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