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Science Students Win Silver Awards At British Biology Olympiad

Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College students who took part in the British Biology Olympiad, which is open to schools across the UK.

A Level Science students at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College have won Silver Awards after taking part in the British Biology Olympiad.

The competition, which is open to schools across the UK,  is seen as an enrichment activity for the Year 13 Biology students who will sit their A Level exams this summer. 

It involves two difficult 45-minute assessments incorporating questions on challenges that the students have not learned about before. The aim is to encourage them to use their problem solving skills to work out the answers.

Elle Anderson, Assistant Curriculum Leader for Biology, said: “The Olympiad is very much about challenging the highest-ability students to expand their skills. 

“Nine students took part and they all found it difficult because it was not questions on topics we have been learning about. Three of the students came away with Silver awards and others were highly commended, and none of them thought they had done that well, which proves that they challenged themselves more than they thought they could.

“I am extremely proud of them all for taking part in this Olympiad and we will be making this an annual event at Tollbar and opening it up to Chemistry and Physics students next year too.”

A Level student Edward Wells, who came away with a Silver Award, described the Olympiad as “tough”. He added: “I did not think I was going to do well because it was outside of the realms of the learning we have been doing in Biology. A lot of it was answered through gut instinct so I was pretty amazed at how well I did.”

Silver Award winner Harriet Preston said: “I had to use my initiative for a lot of it and doing so well has boosted my confidence. It has shown me that I am pretty good at Biology.”

British Biology Olympiad Silver Award winners at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College. They are Year 13 students (l-r) Harriet Preston, Edward Wells and Lucy Dudgeon.

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