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Gap Years

There are a variety of reasons why students take gap years. Some students wish to take a break from education; others would like to see the world, experience employment in order to save money ready to start university the following year, or organise a work experience placement to improve their chances of employment.

There are many ways of spending a gap year, including:

  • Paid employment in order to save money for University;
  • Organising some paid or voluntary valuable work experience;
  • Travelling or working abroad;
  • Partaking in an organised gap year trip.

If students are considering taking part in an organised gap year, ensuring they have completed their research is a necessity. Good starting points include various websites - such as www.yearoutgroup.org since member organisations are required to abide by a code of practice and should be reputable.

Ideally students should consider the following questions when approaching gap year organisations:

  • Who can take part and how are candidates selected?
  • What is known about the company providing the gap year experience?
  • What are the cost implications?
  • How will time be spent?
  • Who will benefit and why are UK people required?

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