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Attendance Reporting Procedures

Daily absence

If a student is unable to attend Sixth Form, or is likely to arrive late, for any unplanned reason, we ask that they call the attendance number on 01472 500505 and select the 'student attendance' option.

A member of the attendance team will be available to discuss the reason for absence. Or, we ask students to leave a voicemail including their name and reason for absence.

We ask that students do this for every day of absence.

In addition, we ask that, where possible, students email the teachers of missed lessons so they can support the student during a period of absence.

Planned absence form

We encourage students to plan any formal appointments out of Sixth Form hours, but recognise this isn't always possible.

For any planned absence please complete an absence form, found on the Year 12 Teams page (under files-attendance).

On completion, please email to clorleyk@tollbaracademy.co.uk and any class teachers at least 48 hours prior. Please note driving lessons, social events, concerts, holidays etc will not be authorised.

Leave of Absence

For extended periods of absence, we ask you to apply for leave of absence. These forms can be downloaded from the Academy website or collected from the main office.

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