Applying To University

Every year Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College successfully supports a large number of students through the process of applying for university courses. In 2016, all our students who wished to apply were successful in securing university places, with 90% of students attaining a place at their first choice university and 100% of students attaining a place at their first or second choice university. Some students have elected to defer their university places until September 2017 as they have organised gap years or been successful with fixed term apprenticeships.

The compulsory Tutorial Programme that all students participate in assists students in assessing whether applying to university is appropriate for them. Tutors and the Sixth Form Leadership team support students through the detailed research required before submitting a university application through UCAS.

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Attend specialist talks led by University Ambassadors;
  • Attend the Humberside Convention at Hull University where the majority of universities are represented;
  • Attend Open Days at universities;
  • Attend Master Classes at universities;
  • Receive specialist assistance in writing their Personal Statements;
  • Attend Student Finance talks;
  • Speak to a specialist Sixth Form Careers Advisor within the College;
  • Parents/carers can attend talks advising them about the UCAS process, to assist them in supporting their children/guardians.

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