A Levels

We offer a range of academic subjects at A Level. You will be required to select either three or four A Levels. If you have the ability and the desire to pursue four subjects at A level, you will be supported in doing so, but please note that the courses are rigorous, academically challenging and time-consuming.

The A Levels we offer require the highest standards of attainment at GCSE level or the equivalent. As a general rule, you must gain a B grade at GCSE in the subjects you wish to pursue at A Level, although certain subjects require an A grade at GCSE. Where a subject is not offered at GCSE, we will look at closely related courses and your overall academic profile. Please see the individual subject information for details.

Every application is treated on an individual basis.

All students are required to participate in extra-curricular activities as part of the Enrichment programme.

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