Students Warned Mobile Phones Are Biggest Threat To Safe Driving

Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College students with Road Safety Officer, Mark Coulthard, of Humberside Fire and Rescue, who delivered a serious safety message. The students are (l-r) Brandon Wallace, Olivia Payling, Robbie Cassidy, Zara Crawford, Matthew Hunt, Evan Balch, Sultana Zahan, Thomas Fletcher-Tomlinson and Maizie Ellis.

Students have been learning from the experts how using their mobile phone is the most dangerous thing they can do in a vehicle.

Road Safety Officer Mark Coulthard, of Humberside Fire and Rescue, visited the college to talk about 'Drive for Life'. The presentation is geared at those who are about to learn to drive or have just started driving, and looks at the consequences and dangers within vehicles.

Mark said: "We look at being positive drivers, being positive passengers, and wearing seat belts. We also talk about never driving under the influence and not using mobile phones in vehicles.

"Mobile phones are the biggest problem we face now with young people in vehicles, but young people have been brought up with them. As adults we make it worse by giving toddlers mobile phones to keep quiet or play games on.

"We get into a car and manufacturers put all this technology inside so that we can use our mobile phones, They take out the CD players so we can plug our mobile phones into the car, so all we are doing is encouraging that use, yet we know it is the most dangerous thing we can possibly do in a vehicle while driving, so we need to be aware of that."

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