Politics Students Get A Closer Look At Seat Of Government

Year 12 Politics students visit Downing Street.

Year 12 Politics students had a fantastic trip to London to visit some of the most important and iconic venues the capital has to offer, where the laws of the country and often history itself are made, and where one day they too may seek a career.

After parking on the embankment and getting the required photo in front of the London Eye, the group made their way to the Supreme Court and were able to visit all three courtrooms where some of the nation's most important cases are settled. They also were able to visit the exhibition on the history of the Supreme Court and its current members.

The students then crossed Parliament Square to head to Downing Street. With the week's political events hotting up, there was a real buzz about the place, and TV crews were already in position outside number 10.

Passing the Ministry of Defence, the students headed for Parliament and, after clearing security, went to the Great Hall and observed the Speakers' Procession with John Bercow being accompanied by the ceremonial mace. They then headed to the public gallery to witness questions on Housing and Communities to the Secretary of State James Brokenshire. Questions focussed on Childrens' Social Care and tenants/landlords rights.

Perhaps more relevant to the students' lives, was the debate witnessed in the House of Lords about environmental issues and the topic of "Fast Fashion". The Lords were united in condemning the throwaway society we live in. Former children's TV presenter Floella Benjamin, now Baroness Benjamin, spoke in the debate about the need to reuse and recycle clothes. The Lords was much more discussion-based and didn't have the political point scoring of the Commons.

Politics Teacher Jon Dalton said: "After leaving the two chambers, the students went to a seminar on the work of a pressure group, watching a 360-degree film on the work of the Suffragettes, and then discussing and debating the effectiveness and methods of organisations like CND, the NUS and the CBI. All students contributed well and were able to express their views in the debate.

"This was a superb day for the Politics students to see the heart of Government and its everyday working up close."

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