December Letter 2019


12 December 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

Please find enclosed the outcomes of the most recent assessments that have been taken by your son/daughter. We hope that you will find this information helpful in understanding the current progress that your son/daughter is making, and identifying where further improvements can be made. Please do not hesitate to contact individual teachers, subject leaders or the Sixth Form Leadership Team should you have any concerns about progress. We would also like to draw your attention to the important points below:


There is a clear link between academic success and attendance in lessons at College, and we would like to thank you for your support for us in our drive to ensure that student attendance remains high. We would also like to remind you that as part of the Academic and Social Contract, we expect students to attend all lessons, assemblies and tutorials on their timetable, and that it is not acceptable for students to miss College in order to work, go on holiday, attend social events or similar.

Whilst we understand that there will be occasions when absence is unavoidable, either due to genuine illness, or other legitimate reasons, we strive to achieve levels of attendance in line with what will be expected when students enter professional workplaces. All students should be familiar with our attendance procedures. The attendance office must be contacted at the earliest opportunity on the day of absence. The number to ring is: 07739 326 272.

Year 13 UCAS Applications

A reminder that the official deadline for submission of university applications to UCAS is Wednesday 15 January 2020. If your son/daughter is hoping to attend university, it is essential that they arrange to submit their application, with Mrs Gabbitas, prior to this date. We are delighted to say that many students have already attended interviews for the courses they have applied for, or received offers from the universities to which they applied, and we are confident that this year's cohort will secure a similar range of fabulous destinations to their predecessors.

Givemas Fundraising

We are immensely proud of the efforts that our students have made with our annual Givemas Campaign. Organised by the Student Council, a variety of activities have taken place throughout December. We thank you all for your support with this, and wish you all a restful festive period.

As ever, your support for the College is much appreciated, and we would encourage you to contact the Sixth Form Leadership Team should you have any concerns or queries. We look forward to working with you all in the new year.

Yours faithfully

Mrs C B Hook
Head of Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College

Mrs C L Yates

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Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College Principal

Caroline L Yates BA (Hons).

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson