26 Awards Go To Deserving Year 13 Students

The Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College Year 13 Award Winners.

Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College Year 13 students received a raft of awards at their end of year Presentation Day.

The event rewards the efforts and achievement of the students throughout their two years at the college studying for their academic A Levels. Twenty six awards were presented to students in a variety of categories, including: Greatest Contribution to Sixth Form, Endeavour, Best Newcomer and all subject categories.

Student Amelia Fairgrieve said: "I was really happy to win the Philosophy Award as it has become my favourite subject during my time at Sixth Form College. I'm planning to study Philosophy at Degree Level so this has given me confidence that doing so is a good choice for me."

Sara Salameh, who won the awards for Most Improved Student and Sociology, added: "I am indeed grateful for all the support that I have received at my time in Tollbar Sixth Form. At the beginning of my last year, I had realised I could do better with the help of my great teachers, who have allowed me to reach my full potential."

Christina Hook, Head of the Sixth Form College, said: "It is always a lovely occasion to be able to present awards to our students at the end of Year 13. They reflect the enormous effort put in by the students to get to this stage and show them how much their efforts have been appreciated by the teaching staff. There are some very worthy winners this year and I am delighted to be able to hand out so many awards."

Richard Foster, Deputy Head of Tollbar Sixth Form College, added: "All of our award winners deserve special recognition for standing out amongst a year group of exceptionally committed and conscientious students. The A Level programmes we run demand two years of consistent hard work and dedication. Our winners have demonstrated a determination to push themselves towards academic excellence and we thoroughly believe they will be rewarded with great results."

Greatest Contribution to Sixth Form - James Dring.

Endeavour - Phoebe Jones.

Best Newcomer - Aryaman Talukdar.

Mathematics - David Ashford.

Government and Politics and Psychology - Ella Spowage.

IT and Geography - Matthew Gurnhill.

Art and Design - Will Clarke.

English Combined - Megan Winchester.

Business - Caitlin Hunt.

Chemistry and French - Gamze Keser.

Economics - Harry Taylor.

Biology - Olivia Ramackers.

Spanish - Lily Drewett.

Most Improved Student and Sociology - Sara Salameh.

Physics - Samuel Morley.

P.E. - Lois George.

Philosophy - Amelia Fairgrieve.

Music - Jake Lent.

Media - Claudia Barrington.

History - Holly Mawer.

English Literature - Paulina Maziarska.

Vanessa Robinson Award - Liam Spall.

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Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College Principal

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