Key Stage 5

What can students do to develop their skills in this subject area?

  • Involve themselves in lunch-time revision classes.
  • Take a leading role in learning in lessons – contribute ideas and think critically about what they read.
  • Entering competitions – sociological research.
  • Reading widely – see below for wider reading.
  • Listening to the news – having a news app on their mobile telephone/ipad and using it; watch out specifically for news items on popular culture, crime, education, the economy.
  • Watching specific television programmes which reinforce the curriculum – Question Time; Panorama and specific documentaries on crime.
  • Look out for talks and events organised by the British Sociological Society.
  • Go on trips/visits organised by Curriculum Areas – for example, to the local courts trip and Tutor2u.

What wider reading can be completed to support the curriculum?


  • Sociology AS for AQA (2008): Stephen Moore et al.
  • AS Level Sociology: AQA (2008): Keith Trobe et al.
  • The Portable Jung – Carl Jung.
  • The True Believer: Thoughts of The Nature of Mass Movements – Eric Hoffer.
  • Economy and Society – Max Weber.

Sociology In Fiction:

  • 1984 - George Orwell.
  • The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood.
  • We need to talk about Kevin - Lionel Shriver.


  • British Sociological Association -
  • Sociology Review.
  • New Internationalist.
  • The New Statesmen.
  • The Economist.

What websites could students visit to support the curriculum?

Websites: - Revise Sociology. - Sociology Resources. - AQA Resources.


Can film assist with supporting the curriculum?


  • The Butler.
  • 12 Years A Slave.
  • Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom.
  • Social Network.
  • This Is England.
  • Freedom Writers.
  • Half Nelson.

How can parents/carers help and what can be done at home?

  • Encourage your son or daughter to download free Apps, for example Quizlet.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to set up work experience and/or voluntary or charity work, as well as visit the local law courts.
  • Discuss economic-related affairs at home; encourage your son or daughter to watch 15-20 minutes of news every day to keep abreast of political, social, economic and world affairs.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to talk to the older generation at home about their perspective on events in the past and how society has altered.

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